Best Skin Care Routine

Best Skin Care Routine

The world of skincare routines can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. The popularity of K-beauty and other skincare trends created the hype of multiple-step skincare regime that many do not find suitable to their lifestyles.

There are also questions if these elaborate routines actually improve skin health. When it comes to routines, it is best to go back to the basics and tweak the steps to suit your lifestyle better.


The Basics of Good Skincare

Most of us are already doing some steps that dermatologists and aestheticians recommend to keep skin healthy and smooth looking. It is also important to understand that skincare shouldn't only focus on the facial area but the body as a whole.


This is the most essential step in skincare, and it's already part of our daily routine in general. Cleansing removes skin dirt, oil and other unseen debris we accumulate in our day to day activities.

Neglecting washing results to many common skin problems including blocked pores and blemishes.


There are two ways to exfoliate - chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. When you exfoliate, you are simply removing dead cells from your skin's topmost layer so it reveals a fresh layer of skin. It also stimulates collagen production, a protein that is responsible for your skin's texture, shape and strength. 

Physical exfoliation is scrubbing the skin with the use of a good exfoliating material. You need to make sure to only use materials that are high quality like Salux, an award winning exfoliating material that is produced in Japan.


Toners are used to remove what cleansing could not. It removes all bacterias and impurities, and helps balance the ph level of the skin.


There are plenty of available moisturizers in the market today. Its main purpose is to hydrate and protect the skin and can be helpful for those who have dry skin or oily skin. When moisturizing, make sure that you exfoliate first. As dry skin cells are scrubbed off, the moisturizer has better chance to penetrate the skin cells deeper.


Serums are lightweight skin products that typically have high concentrated active ingredients that focuses on specific skin issues. It can be potent, so it is best to do some research when choosing the best serums for your skin.