About Our Loofahs

The revolutionary patented design gives people for the first time a super easy way to care for all their skincare needs.

Made in the USA, we take pride in our
Beautiful Bod exfoliating loofahs. We source the finest materials available globally then sew and assemble them in the USA with the utmost care. 

We encourage you to take advantage of our 60 day money back guarantee offer to try one and experience the difference for yourself. 

Beautiful Bod Loofahs clean and revitalize the skin by exfoliating dead dry skin away leaving behind fresh clean vibrant looking skin.

The different grades of exfoliating material we'll offer in the near future will give people of all skin types, the young and old a like a complete, practical and easy way to have healthy soft great looking skin. No matter what type of skin you have we will have a loofah for you.

Our loofahs also increase blood circulation to the skin promoting faster healing and healthier looking skin. For more information please read our blog "Benefits of Exfoliating.

What's In Our Loofahs?

Salux exfoliating cover. Made from the worlds best exfoliating material.

Sponge core. The high quality sponge core is designed to hold the suds and make it easy to hold and use in the shower.

Built-in stainless steel handle.

Provides the leverage and reach to really exfoliate hard to get places like the back.

Velvet hanging strap. Wraps around the hand and makes it easy to hang dry